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Everything DiSC

As a certified Everything DiSC facilitator, I am happy to help your team learn the DiSC methods of improving communication and partnership with your teams.  Whether on- site or at a travel destination, this is a great team building exercise that will provide dividends for years to come.

EEO Investigations

I began my investigatory career in law enforcement 20 years ago.  From there I moved into Casino Surveillance management where I conducted investigations on both internal and external threats.  While this seems like a stretch to move into HR, it was a natural fit.  I have been conducting internal EEO investigations for over 15 years in both union and non-union environments.  My processes help you to build cases that clearly detail your case and provide you with a framwork that will reduce the likelihood of litigation.

Diversity & Inclusion

In the modern people operations, diversity and inclusion initiatives are key to a sucessful HR department and arguably business strategy.  I can work with your team to promote an environment that is inclusive and will help you to attract and retain top tallent.  A diverse organization with differeing ideas and backgrounds is essential for innovation and for organizations competing in a global economy.
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Human Resources & Organizational Development Consulting Services
Leadership Development One of the most important aspects of an organization is its leaders.  Likewise one of the most important things to leaders is often professional development.  Whether it be through the use of programs such as Everything DiSC or individual coaching sessions, I can work with your team to provide meaningful development opportunities from the highest level management, to the on the ground supervisors within your organization.
HR Operations With over 12 years of human resources management experience I can work with your teams to optimize HR operations and help you to re-focus on the needs of your organization.  I have developed HR functions from the ground up and rebuilt them from the top down.  Understanding the broad functions of HR I can assist your team in standardizing processes, becoming compliant, and making the administrative functions easier.
Organizational Culture The cultures within an organization are deeply rooted and are not easy to change.  Understanding the core culture of an organization is key to changing it or embracing it and using it to boost your people operations and ultimately your overall business operations.  I can work with your team to identify the foundations of your organizations culture and prepare you to embrace the change needed to positively impact your organizations culture.